How the Cloud Transforms the Telecom Buying and Selling Ecosystem-Part 1

Posted by admin, December 11, 2015

In today’s world of buying and selling, Amazon—world renowned online marketplace—rules supreme. Customers looking for popular items from books to movies to apparel to electronics can shop the online marketplace to find exactly what they’re looking for; meanwhile, individuals can sell their items through the marketplace for profit.

Amazon offers exclusive benefits to its members depending on the account they have registered with the company. For example, by subscribing to a paid Amazon Prime membership, customers can enjoy two day free shipping, stream thousands of movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime, and enjoy unlimited music streaming. Research shows that there was a 300 percent year-over-year increase in traffic to solely from Prime users; meanwhile, less than 1 percent of Prime users visited competing retail sites while shopping on Amazon for comparison purposes.

 So, how has Amazon managed to completely rock the buying and selling landscape? How has the company so easily managed to acquire such large market share? The answer is simple: its second-to-none cloud-based platform and the unparalleled customer experience it offers.

Before the market made this momentum shift to cloud computing, goods were bought and sold separately. That is, customers that desired items sold by multiple different vendors would have to contact each of those businesses and then buy each item separately. So, in order to buy a specific book you would have no other choice but to physically walk into a bookstore and browse the shelves. In order to determine whether you wanted to purchase the book, you would likely need to sit down and read a few pages. If you wanted to buy a piece of furniture or a household appliance, you would similarly either pay a visit to a brick and mortar store or call in for the item and have it delivered to you via truck.

With the power of the cloud, Amazon has been able to successfully transform these traditional buying and selling processes. Sure, items from multiple vendors can be bought and sold far more easily through its digital platform; however, what has enabled the company to become so successful is not the items it is selling. It’s the cloud-based technology on the backend, which has completely transformed the customer experience as a whole.

For example, through Amazon, customers can determine whether they would like to purchase a book (or eBook for their smartphone or tablet) by reading the first few pages for free online. They can simply click to flip through the pages, all while taking care of other priority tasks around the house or while at work. Meanwhile, vendors can more easily sell their items in order to build their business and expand their customer reach—all from the convenience of their home, if so desired. All of this is seamlessly supported by one common digital platform.

This new-aged buying experience is without question becoming the preferred method among the majority of consumers today. At BluLogix, we believe in facilitating this same buying and selling process among the telecom provider/distributor, reseller and customer ecosystem through a cloud-based online marketplace platform. Doing so, we believe, will create a never-before-seen, truly transformative relationship between these different entities, which will empower and strengthen the telecom market as a whole. Similar to the perks that Amazon offers its Prime users, this kind of ubiquitous, cloud-based platform offers a number of competitive benefits and advantages at the provider, reseller and customer level.

In this four-part series, we’ll be exploring how a cloud billing platform has the power to transform processes specific to telecom providers/distributors, resellers and customers. We hope you’ll join us as we begin this exploration!