How the Cloud Transforms the Telecom Buying and Selling Ecosystem -Part 2

Posted by admin, December 17, 2015

In Part 1 of this series we explored the rise of Amazon and how, thanks to its unique cloud-based platform, the company has been able to successfully dominate today’s online shopping market and transform the customer experience. At BluLogix, we believe in the power of a similar cloud-based buying and selling platform for transforming the telecom provider/distributor, reseller and customer relationship. 

This kind of ubiquitous, cloud-based platform offers a number of competitive benefits and advantages at the provider, reseller and customer level. Here, in Part 2 of this series, let’s explore the unique benefits that providers and distributors can enjoy by using an intuitive, seamlessly integrated cloud-based marketplace platform.

Reseller empowerment: In today’s ultra-competitive and overly saturated market, we believe that providers and distributors benefit most from an empowered reseller, which contributes to overall customer success. Because an intuitive, cloud-based marketplace platform empowers resellers to deliver unique and superior solutions to their customers (this is something we will discuss further in Part 3 of this series), providers and distributors inherently benefit, as well. With easy access to advanced capabilities such as advanced resale management, product bundling and more, resellers are able to near guarantee more sales—thus, providers will get a bigger slice of the profit down the line.

 Business analytics: For providers using an online marketplace platform, gaining access into their entire reseller channel  is simple. Providers can peer into their channel, for example, to glean key insights such as which resellers represent their top performers and who their laggards are. These providers can then conduct predictive analyses based on these findings in order to determine future cash flows, business patterns, customer preferences and more. With a cloud-based marketplace platform, which resellers and providers use via one central interface, providers can more easily tap into specific analytics that will enable them to augment their businesses.

Seamless data integration: Because an online marketplace platform ensures seamless integration within providers’ administrative portals, resellers need only enter customer information into their billing system  once in order for that  information to be passed along and provisioned throughout their provider’s entire platform. This data integration capability enables providers to more quickly gain visibility into the customer information that is being entered into their systems. Additionally, it enables them to gain a more accurate understanding of said data, as data will no longer have to be manually entered into every system (i.e. CRM, ERP, billing), decreasing the chance of inaccurate data input.

Indeed, the benefits of a cloud-based marketplace platform solution are plenty for telecom providers and distributors. Be sure to check back into this series as we explore the ample benefits of such a solution for telecom resellers in Part 3.

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