How the Cloud Transforms the Telecom Buying and Selling Ecosystem-Part 3

Posted by admin, December 18, 2015

We’ve all heard of Amazon and how the eCommerce giant has been able to rise to prominence thanks to its unique online marketplace platform. The company’s platform enables customers to search for and buy items such as clothing, technology, books and more from multiple vendors. Meanwhile, vendors can sell their products easily for profit, expanding their customer reach and bolstering brand awareness as a result.

At BluLogix, we believe in the power of a similar cloud-based buying and selling platform for improving the telecom provider/distributor, reseller and customer relationship.  In this multi-part series we will be exploring specifically how an online marketplace platform transforms operations for telecom providers, resellers and customers/end users. In Part 2 of this series we explored three benefits of this kind of platform specifically for providers/distributors: reseller empowerment, business analytics, and seamless data integration.

But this kind of online marketplace platform doesn’t only benefit providers. There are plenty of ways that telecom resellers can significantly benefit from using such a platform today:

Dynamic inheritance: Resellers can enjoy shopping a global cloud billing catalogue via the online marketplace platform, which comes pre-populated and integrated with cloud services offered by a myriad of top telecom providers today. This enables resellers to quickly and dynamically inherit services from any provider to help them create, price and sell their custom services for profit. An online marketplace platform ultimately eliminates the need to resellers to manually navigate between multiple disparate vendors when creating their own custom service packages, optimizing time and effort.

Revenue management: An online marketplace platform enables resellers to seamlessly integrate their existing third-party CRM and ERP platforms, providing a more clear track record of cash flow to enhance revenue management processes like revenue assurance. This platform also seamlessly integrates with providers’ administrative portals, meaning customer information only has to be entered once, into one system, in order to be passed through for provisioning in the provider platform. Once an order is created by a reseller for a customer within the platform, that account will be automatically activated and billing will begin. Conversely, once a customer cancels a service, deactivation will automatically be triggered for that service and will be de-provisioned. In the end, this saves resellers ample time and effort, as well as ensures revenue accuracy and a predictable cash flow.

Predictive analysis: An online marketplace platform enables resellers to gain predictive analyses by gaining insight into data from all various systems—CRM, ERP, billing platforms—in one central, easily-accessible place. This, of course, makes this data easier for resellers to then strategically use to make necessary changes and improvements to their business.  

Order to activation (O2A): The faster a service can be delivered and activated to a customer upon its initial order, the more satisfied that customer will be. A comprehensive online marketplace platform accelerates the O2A process and, thus, time to revenue with increased speed of activation to increase customer satisfaction, retention and cash flow.

A ubiquitous, cloud-based marketplace platform offers a number of competitive advantages at the reseller level. Stay tuned for Part 4 as we explore the benefits of this platform for arguably the most important part of this ecosystem—the customer.