Perfect Alignment of Pricing & Demand

Posted by Tim Cook - CEO BluLogix, April 28, 2018

When BluLogix was founded 5 years ago our mission was to build a platform to take our customers into the "subscription / consumption economy".  As we have a matured of the past 5 years our vision has evolved.  As CEO of BluLogix, I shared a vision of helping our customers deliver price agility to the market to enable them to compete with new pricing models that better aligned with the way consumers wanted to buy.  In speaking with our customers, over the past 5 years, and having time to better understanding the market, I have realized this vision in not complete without the intelligence to determine perfect alignment between pricing and demand.  Perfection in aligning pricing with demand is what drives a transactions, so it important to have the means to scientifically test and measure to determine where this alignment takes place.

Historically, this is accomplished with market surveys that ask questions about pricing, however, these surveys tend to be highly variable without the ability to demonstrate value.  While surveys may point you in the right direction, the most accurate method for establishing perfect pricing alignment is having the agility to test and measure pricing and demand with different buying personas, different packaging or bundling and different terms.  The ability to do this in near real-time is an example of pricing agility.  Adding a new perspective with the intelligence gained from the agility to test and measure adds a new dimension to our vision...

"Demand without pricing agility is limited.  Pricing agility without intelligence is latent potential.  The place where demand is perfectly aligned with pricing is magic, and in the full arc of time, we will get to a world where consumers are empowered to choose how they want to consume based on how they want to pay."