The Perks of a Global, Subscription Billing Catalogue for Cloud Resellers

Posted by admin, February 6, 2018

Having a pre-populated, pre-integrated subscription catalogue is vital as it enables resellers to inherit services from upstream providers as well as create, price and sell their own service offerings. But it’s not uncommon for resellers to partner with multiple providers. A reseller may be certified to only sell video with one provider and voice with another, for example, and the list goes on and on. So what happens when you’re certified for multiple subscription services across multiple vendors? How do you bundle, sell and provision your services then? This is where a global subscription catalogue comes into play.

Within a global subscription catalogue, manufacturers enable resellers to leverage the items that they are certified to sell across every vendor so that their catalogue is pre-created including costs, tax codes and more. Everything is built dynamically within the platform, meaning all a reseller needs to do is go in and pull the certified services to get started. Such a catalogue removes the brunt work so that products can be brought to market much faster and with limited barriers or complications. BluLogix holds relationships with some of the world’s largest upstream providers, enabling us to offer one giant global catalogue for certified resellers across the board. And resellers aren’t the only ones to profit from a global catalogue; by managing their catalogue within the BluLogix platform, upstream providers’ services will be more readily accessible and sellable—and they will see greater profit as a result.  With no upfront costs and immediate deployment, it’s truly a win-win. Contact BluLogix to see how you can join forces and gain a greater competitive edge.