Telecom Resellers: Give Your Customers What They Actually Want

Posted by admin, November 18, 2015

Imagine walking into a grocery store looking for two loaves of bread and a carton of eggs. When you get there, however, the manager informs you that you can’t buy those items without also purchasing products that, in actuality, you don’t need (i.e. soda, chips). After enduring such a customer experience, you would likely never return to that grocer again. Rather, you would find one that could offer you the exact products you needed; in other words, you’d find a grocer that wouldn’t essentially coerce you into spending more money just to get what you initially came for.

Indeed, customers today should not have to settle for buying products or services that do not meet their exact needs, whether it’s someone shopping at the local market or a CIO looking to procure telecom services for his or her organization.  

After all, today’s enterprise decision makers must be able to maximize their IT budgets and their organizations’ efficiency; therefore, they will (and, quite frankly, should) walk away from doing business with a reseller if they are being offered services that are irrelevant to their most pressing organizational needs—like enhanced productivity, streamlined mobility and lowered costs.

For telecom resellers, being able to offer enterprises packages based on the services they actually want to consume, verses general packages that may not adequately meet their needs, is critical for ensuring business continuity and profitability. The benefits of delivering services that customers actually want is twofold; it will preserve customer retention but also enable resellers to gain better insight into what services customers prefer and consume most, enabling them to strengthen their selling strategies and quickly turn first-time customers into loyal brand advocates.

In the end, customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and hope for miracles in order to have resellers deliver to them the services that they actually want. By customizing their service packages resellers can competitively differentiate themselves with a stronger service portfolio, as well as better measure service usage based on actual customer needs.

In order to expand their service portfolio, however, resellers must be able to sufficiently charge and bill for these new services. If you’re interested in learning about how a cloud billing solution can enable you to offer more personalized service packages that actually speak to your customers’ needs, click here.