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Telecom Billing 101: The Experts Tell All - Revised

Posted by admin, February 6, 2016

Driven by demand for enhanced mobility—70 percent of Americans now have Internet-connected devices and 80 percent of said devices can connect to LTE/4G broadband—companies are increasingly looking to UC and cloud services to improve response times, increase employee productivity and reduce operational costs. Not only this, but service providers and resellers know that they need to add new services into the mix to keep customers satisfied and loyal.

The Customer Portal: Opening the Way to Brand Loyalty

Posted by admin, February 20, 2015

As consumers, we are well-aware of the importance of customer portals for accessing our accounts with the companies with which we do business. As a telecom service provider or reseller, your job is to provider your customers with the ultimate portal user experience, ensuring their entrée into your internal system to securely view their personal or sensitive data (i.e., data usage, billing and service management) as well as general account notifications. Yet, beyond these important considerations, the customer portal plays another much larger role within organizations.

An Intro to BluSync: The Next Generation of Telecom Selling

Posted by admin, January 26, 2015

Since its inception, the team at BluLogix (formerly BlueOSS) has worked to take its customer service level to great heights. To continue fulfilling this promise, the company this year rebranded as BluLogix to better align with its core competencies of cloud service revenue management and third-party integration, among many other things.

Why Resellers Are Turning to BI and Analytics to Increase Profit—And Why It Works

Posted by admin, January 6, 2015

BlueOSS' has rebranded as BluLogix.  The BluLogix name supports the Company's initiative to enable the full customer lifecycle with new tools to "optimize revenue".  BluLogix has overlayed its ability to support complex measured billing with a business intelligence (BI) layer.

Have You Experienced Any of These Telecom Billing Obstacles?

Posted by admin, November 25, 2014

 We live in an age where consumers use their smart devices for personal entertainment—social media, gaming, video streaming—and for work-related purposes.

Why Is Measuring Order to Activation So Important?

Posted by admin, July 19, 2014

Order to activation (O2A)—the time between when a customer places an order and the service is activated—is one of the most important metrics that a cloud service provider can use to measure quality of customer deliverables. But you probably already know this. Rather, the question at hand is whimages (3)y measuring O2A is so critical for cloud service providers today.

Cloud Billing Market Set to Soar, Driven by Customer Satisfaction

Posted by admin, June 23, 2014

Service providers and resellers are increasingly looking toward cloud billing as an avant-garde way to bring products to market faster, strengthen their customer base and establish credibility in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that recent research from MicroMarket Monitor predicts colossal growth for the North American cloud billing market. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the pundit’s comprehensive market report, which divulges trends, overall adoption and key drivers:    

Need-to-Know Statistics That Will Get Your Company on Board with Cloud Billing

Posted by admin, February 7, 2014

Believe it or not but we’re quickly nearing the end of 2014. As you wonder where the year went, also spend some time re-evaluating your company’s goals for the coming year—and how your existing tools and technologies can further your agenda. You might be interested in cloud telecom billing software, for example, but may not know where to start your due diligence for possible implementation.