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Pricing for Different Channel Certification Levels: Why You Need Telecom Billing Software

Posted by admin, August 18, 2014

partnersThe partner landscape has grown increasingly competitive over the years, making it a necessity for partners today to carve out competitive differentiators to stay relevant in the market. That certainly includes partner certification.

The Power of Automated Billing for Agents and Resellers Alike

Posted by admin, July 19, 2014

As opposed to a standard reseller—that buys a product for one price and turns it around for another—the agent revenue process consists of a few extra layers.images (4) Specifically, service providers must associate each agent’s transaction or sale with payment by measuring what is billed to the customer and the

Why Is Measuring Order to Activation So Important?

Posted by admin, July 19, 2014

Order to activation (O2A)—the time between when a customer places an order and the service is activated—is one of the most important metrics that a cloud service provider can use to measure quality of customer deliverables. But you probably already know this. Rather, the question at hand is whimages (3)y measuring O2A is so critical for cloud service providers today.

Why You Should Make the Move From Agent to Service Provider

Posted by admin, July 19, 2014

Making the move from an agent to a full-service solution provider is enticing due to the profitability that usually accompanies the change—agents can easily see their margins double Cloud Service Provider

Cloud Billing Market Set to Soar, Driven by Customer Satisfaction

Posted by admin, June 23, 2014

downloadService providers and resellers are increasingly looking toward cloud billing as an avant-garde way to bring products to market faster, strengthen their customer base and establish credibility in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Cloud Billing: Being the End-All for Customer Visibility

Posted by admin, June 10, 2014

visibilityIn an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies must find a way to bolster their value proposition. To this end, customer visibility plays a critical role in keeping telecom service providers at the top of their game.

Why You Should Make UCaaS Your Secret Weapon This Year

Posted by admin, June 10, 2014

secretJune officially marks the divide in the calendar year. For business leaders, including the C-level suite and IT execs, this is the time to comb through the accumulated data from the past six months to identify which strategies worked, which didn’t, and what can be done to better optimize business processes before year’s end.

The Perks of a Global, Cloud Billing Catalogue

Posted by admin, May 23, 2014

globalHaving a pre-populated, pre-integrated cloud catalogue is vital as it enables resellers to inherit services from upstream providers as well as create, price and sell their own service offerings. But it’s not uncommon for resellers to partner with multiple providers.

Billing as a Service: Getting in the Cloud Business Tomorrow

Posted by admin, May 23, 2014

Life depends on how fast things can get done, but speed is infinitely more important for business. It speedmay not be the end of the world to wait in line for 10 minutes at the store, but 10 wasted business minutes can be the difference between getting products to market and losing your market share.

A la Carte vs. Bundled Packages: Billing-as-a-Service is Key

Posted by admin, May 16, 2014

Buying a la carte has its perks; you get exactly what you pay for. There are customers who, for instance, prefer a la carte cable TV where they can subundlebscribe only to those channels they select. Others prefer to bundle their services to enjoy a lower fee. At the end of the day, resellers need to cater to different buyers and their preferences for procuring items.