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Relying on Cloud Billing to Decrease Your Time to Value

Posted by admin, May 16, 2014

telecom software billig as a service time to valueYou’re ready to get your service up and running, but first you need to go through the “powers that be.” Moving seamlessly across the entire supply chain—manufacturer, reseller and customer—is absolutely critical for getting your product to market faster and ensuring a smooth flow of revenue.

Top Benefits of Consolidating Your Telecom Billing Needs

Posted by admin, May 9, 2014

billing consolidationImagine a solution where all of your billing needs can be accessed via a single, easy-to-use platform—one that can be simply configured to integrate with any service provider’s existing billing system.

Step One in Streamlining the Cloud Ecosystem: A Common Platform

Posted by admin, May 9, 2014

streamlineLooking back, the billing process was once very convoluted. The environment was layer upon layer of siloed systems that may have at one time been sufficient to meet the requirements of individual services but weren’t yielding the best results possible. And as technology continued to advance, things became further complicated.

Three Reasons Cloud Bundling Works Great for Your Business

Posted by admin, April 30, 2014

cloud telecom bundlingAs more telecom resellers migrate to cloud service providers, cloud bundling has emerged as a revolutionary and largely untapped opportunity.

Five Things You Need to Know About Billing as a Service

Posted by admin, April 30, 2014

fccThere’s a big glass ceiling that needs to be broken in the cloud billing space. Today, there are more opportunities than ever for resellers and telecom service providers to augment revenue and better serve customers with billing as a service—but not nearly enough are aware of this.

3 Keys to Building Your Cloud Catalog

Posted by admin, March 17, 2014

One of the most important and difficult decisions cloud service providers make is determining the mix of cloud services and bundles they will take to market.  We have seen 3 keys to building a successful cloud portfolio - simplicity, margin capacity and manageability.