Case Study - Asset Tracking & Fleet Management



A global leader in commercial telematics with businesses focused on rapidly deployable solutions for enterprise and local fleets, tank monitoring and petroleum logistics.


The Company evolved their products with portal functionality that aligned with relevant data and information to drive automation and decision making.  With multiple portals generating multiple sources of usage data the Company was challenged with consolidating and mediating this data for billing.


Workflow Management

Based on existing workflows, BluLogix indentified the involved systems and process details for:
• Software platforms that required for data exchange
• Data elements required to generate invoices with monthly recurring charges, including source tables, fields data store (databases) and method of retrieval
• Data elements that would be required for export to Great Plains
• Data description, constraints and data import & export rules
• Identify the master data repository for each data element (customers, devices, invoices, etc.)

Data Migration

Provided data migration services for importing customers, catalog, active devices and additional details required to generate monthly invoices.

Data Exchange

Data import/export supported through file exchange.

Rate Plan Management

Rate plans and rate management is managed in BluLogix.


With BluLogix the Company could automate the billing of hundreds of thousands of devices every month.  The result was a significant reduction in resource costs and billing errors associated with previous manual processes.