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Revenue Lifecycle Process Alignment

The BluLogix Revenue Lifecycle Process Alignment engagement builds business processes that deliver substantial and sustainable results. BluLogix assesses an organization’s process maturity based upon five levels of process readiness within five revenue lifecycle stages: order, provision, invoice, payment and allocation.

Levels of process readiness:

  • No Processes Defined. Undefined process architecture that may utilize standard operating procedures pre-defined in BluLogix Revenue Lifecycle Process.
  • Reactive State. Current processes have been defined using flow charts or swim lane methodology. These definitions however lack many of the foundational process definition elements and execution is inconsistent with revenue lifecycle best practices using BluLogix.
  • Controlled State. Business processes and systems have been fully defined utilizing linked and aligned process maps. Process definitions include all five of the foundational best practice process elements.
  • Demonstrated Improvement. The entire enterprise, business systems, and business processes have been defined utilizing both business maps. Systematic improvements to goal have been validated at both the system and process levels with demonstrated effectiveness at meeting immediate customers’ needs.
  • Enterprise Alignment – The enterprise, systems, and processes have been fully aligned to strategic business initiatives. The Enterprise Owner is now managing the revenue lifecycle utilizing fully deployed instance of BluLogix.

This on-site engagement includes an objective assessment of current revenue lifecycle processes information and toolsets; a qualitative benchmark of current processes, a measure of general readiness against best practices and review of potential process alignment gaps and opportunities. Package includes 4 hours of remote follow-up consultation.

Price: $5000
Duration: One day
Deliverable: Revenue lifecycle gap analysis against best practice recommendation.