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SaaS Billing - Cloud Billing


Metered and Usage Rating

Metered and Usage Rating

Integrate into any data source to meter and rate any type of usage.  Measure a quantity of time or units to determine plan overages or simply apply the pay-as-you principle to rate usage as it is consumed.  Metering allows companies to compete and win against flat rate priced competitors.

subscription billing

Subscription Billing and Recurring Revenue Management

Manage complex subscription billing and recurring revenue agreements with the ability manage charging in advance or arrears based on usage.  Manage proration and terminations and upgrades. 

price plansPrice Plans

Defining customer associated price plans enables flexibility and grouping for discount tiers, volume pricing, thresholds and bundling.  With price plans changes can be made within the plan effecting all associated customers versus managing prices within each customer instance.


The ability to create separate tenants allows for management of global enterprise business unit and country monetization.  Multi-tenancy can also be used for the enablement of partner channels.  Multi-tenancy allows for sharing of catalogs and pricing, multiple charge levels within a single transaction, customized at the tenant level.

tax management

Tax Management

Integrated tax engines ensure accurate calculation, collection and filing of taxes.  Taxes are categorized for export to any accounting platform leveraging general ledger code mapping.


HierarchyProduct Hierarchy and Relationships

The product catalog establishes different categories and providers of product or services and their relationship to each other.  Product hierarchy infers that to complete the purchase of a product other products must be included.  Relationships include complementary products, like accessories, that are related to the product as an option.




Establishing communications and notifications associated with the order to activation process is a requirement for most customers.  The ability to customize the notifications is important to ensure clear communications related to the process.


Tying the order to activation process together for automation often requires support for integrated e-commerce.  The ability to manage e-commerce with BluLogix allows for customer self-care with purchase and payment of new product or upgrades.