BluLogix, evolved from an OSS / BSS carrier class billing solution built to support millions of transactions.  As a multi-tenant solution BluLogix is easily deployed in the cloud, enabling delivery of affordable carrier class billing.  BluLogix is a pay-as-you-go solution so the barrier to entry and risk is extremely low.  This opens new opportunities for up and coming service providers to manage complex billing of recurring revenue services.

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Create Services Catalog

As a service provider the profitability of your products starts with a service catalog you customize to create new product offerings that leverage multiple services from multiple upstream service providers.

Automate Order to Activation

Initiating the ordering process through BluLogix is a best practice.  Doing so ensures tight revenue control relative to costs.  Automating the provisioning of services ordered creates process efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Measure Usages

BluLogix customers can maximize revenues by selling pre-paid plans and notify customers of usage for overages, or approach to overages, as well as, provide rating of usage outside of service plans.

Manage Billing

Automating billing and payment ensures billing accuracy while controlling accounts receivable.  Integration with Tax engines manage complex taxes such as telecom taxation.

Integrate & Orchestration

Quotes are typically managed in our customers CRM solutions.  Integrating with CRM limits the replication of data into multiple platforms.  BluLogix with BluSync can take data from the CRM solution to automate the quote to order process.  Since BluLogix controls much of the Accounts Receivable data it important to exchange data with our customers ERP solutions.

Integration with CRM and ERP, as well as, integration with upstream provider systems for provisioning automation is the first step toward orchestration of work flow process between these systems are services are activated, measured, invoiced and de-activated or upgraded.

Cost Reconciliation

Electronically reading upstream provider invoice data, and reconciling this invoice data against customer billings captures revenue leaks and invoicing errors from upstream providers for dispute.   Measuring costs against revenue at the product and account level provides data for optimizing margins.

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