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We productize integration, centralize provisioning and management, monetize integration for our partners, and continuously innovate to reduce complexity and to make cloud integration and management really simple.


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Why Go Blu?

Telecom billing and complex integration doesn’t need to be a drag on your business. BluLogix Communications Commerce platform can empower your business to capitalize on its competitive advantages. Through our pre-integrated turn-key solution, with providers like AT&T,, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, and more, BluLogix promises to take to you from legacy telecom billing to a complete "communications commerce" solution.

Our innovative commerce services simplify the complexities of telecom billing and add value through cutting-edge, helpful features. The BluLogix SaaS method allows you to benefit from all our services without a long-term commitment, plus our dynamic analytics empower you with all the data you need.

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Our Partners and Providers

BluLogix allies with upstream solution and service providers that need to empower their channels and take their product to market in a recurring, measured billing format. See who’s on our team: