BluLogix provides a superior business and technology model to seamlessly power your recurring customers.

Faster time to value

BluLogix creates a more expedient path between your ideas and execution. First, business users never have to worry about whether the infrastructure is ready to support their initiatives. Because platform readiness is never an issue, they can launch new products and bundles in hours, not months. Role-based, intuitive user interfaces empower the business user with control over the brand experience and site functionality, with minimal internal resource involvement, and the platform automatically scales and supports whatever they have planned. By empowering your users in these ways, you empower your business with tremendous agility. Not only can you execute your ideas more quickly, you are freed up to put more ideas into action.

Continuous and seamless innovation

BluLogix eliminates the barriers to innovation that are common with legacy CRM & ERP platforms, empowering you to keep pace with the dynamic cloud marketplace and evolving consumer expectations. The platform is seamlessly upgraded up to eight times per year, delivering a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Our open architecture enables you to build your own unique capabilities without compromising the platform upgrade path. We also make it easy for you to connect to your choice of third-party technologies through pre-built integrations that are resistant to breakage when upgrades occur.

An engaged and connected community

Working with BluLogix, you become part of a large, vibrant and interconnected community that is a source of fresh ideas, insights and inspiration. Because the BluLogix Recurring Customer Management is built on multi-tenant cloud architecture, all of our clients run on a single code base using the same version of the software. This makes it easy to share ideas and innovation across our vibrant community. You also benefit from the valuable intelligence harnessed from our platform. Because every client’s consumer interactions run through the BluLogix platform, we continuously build an incredibly rich behavioral data set that can be used in aggregate as a benchmarking tool to drive continuous improvement. Your ability to tap into the knowledge, experience and passion of this collaborative community creates a powerful network effect to drive your own innovation.

Committed to client success

The BluLogix business model is based on shared success, which means we are fully vested in helping you grow and ensuring you succeed. If you’re not successful, neither are we. Everything we do as an organization, including the prioritization of our investments, is designed to help you engage your customers and grow revenue across channels. We offer insights based on data and results pulled from across our entire user set. And our Customer Success Management and Optimization & Growth teams are at your service to provide the consultative advice and support you need to succeed.